Who’s In Charge of Managing Your Online Reviews?

Who’s In Charge of Managing Your Online Reviews?

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Who’s Managing Your Online Reviews?

Today’s entrepreneurs are well aware of the importance of online reviews. Those few words, usually written by total strangers, can give your business’s online reputation a huge boost — or plunge it into a one-star muck bath you’ll spend days or even weeks recovering from.

The truth is, it’s absurdly easy to share your opinion, and most people do it when they’re either very happy or unhappy. Since the whole world can read those reviews, you need to keep a sharp eye on them and act quickly if you see something damaging.

Paying attention, in fact, is an important part of successfully managing your online image, which is a critical element in today’s business world. There are so many moving parts in this internet world that you simply must have a plan.

How do you track…