When Does Purchasing the Extended Warranty Make Sense

When Does Purchasing the Extended Warranty Make Sense

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Every time you make a big-ish purchase — like a TV, home appliance, or automobile — you’re offered the extended warranty. The extended warranty covers repair beyond the manufacturer’s warranty expiration date, usually by a couple years, but it requires an additional fee. Most of us turn down this option on TVs and appliances as these items rarely break down before we’re ready to upgrade. But it’s wise to consider opting for the extended warranty in certain situations. Take a look at these five times buying the extended warranty actually makes sense.

1. Lawn and Garden Equipment

If you’ve ever owned lawn equipment — like a mower or a weed whacker (especially a weed whacker!) — you know how sensitive these machines can be. After all, they’re sucking up dirt, grass, leaves, and all kinds of debris, which not only dulls the parts faster than other machinery, but the debris can become lodged in places it shouldn’t be, thus causing the need for repair. Another reason these machines are prone to breaking down after a…