Top Strategies to Become a Periscope Celebrity

Top Strategies to Become a Periscope Celebrity

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Top 8 Proven Strategies to Become a Periscope Celebrity

I hope you’re getting your brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible this week. If you aren’t, you need to commit to dominating Periscope. You are being used by social media and until you decide to dominate it and own the space, you will continue to be used by it. The first step to dominating Periscope is a commitment to it. The last two years have seen this big surge in live video broadcasting, streaming, and scoping is exploding. Thanks to smartphone apps like Periscope, you can become a “broadcaster” that can record live video streams and share them with your network.

The way I took advantage of this new medium when it first came out was to share daily live broadcasts from my home in Miami. The show topics changed each day and were scheduled out so people could subscribe to them in advance, for free.

The schedule might have gone something like this:

Mon: The Difference Between Budgets and Financial Plans
Tue: Real Estate Investing
Wed: 1 hour on Negotiating Strategies
Thu: 1.5 hours of Q&A on Social Media Branding
Fri: Motivation to hustle during the weekend

Having a set schedule really helped me grow on Periscope. Get in the habit of doing a show live at the same set time for consistency and so your viewers can know when to expect you. Sometimes on streams, I give away something like a free coaching call—priceless to any entrepreneur—to one of maybe 7,000 viewers watching. I often deliver Q&A’s to over 10,000 viewers at a time, all of this done from my cell phone. Periscope is basically an app you download from iTunes or Google, which allows you to follow me for more free content. You will receive notifications of my live broadcasts whenever I begin them.

Video streaming is so simple to use it will blow your mind, and you also can become a…