Top 20 Gardening Articles from 2016

Top 20 Gardening Articles from 2016

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Top 20 Gardening Articles from 2016
Top gardening articles

One of our goals at Rootwell Products, Inc. is to provide you with gardening tips to help you be successful at gardening. Once a year, we publish a roundup of the most popular gardening articles from the previous year. We love to see what our visitors are reading. This lets us know what strikes a chord with our readers and how we can do more of it. We appreciate you!

Take a look below and see if any of your favorites showed up on our top 20 gardening articles.

Top 20 Gardening Articles

  1. 3 of Our Favorite Trees For Climbing
    Favorite climbing trees

    Tree climbing is such a great way to relax and feel a sense of adventure and connectedness with your surroundings and yourself. Many of you, like me, must have good memories of climbing trees as a kid to make this the most popular post from last year.

  2. How to Propagate Roses with Potatoes

    Who knew it could be so easy to propagate roses? It’s understandably desirable to propagate your garden…