The Most Important Marketing Metric You’re Not Measuring

The Most Important Marketing Metric You’re Not Measuring

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The Most Important Marketing Metric You’re Not Measuring

Q: What are the minimum non-vanity metrics every organization adopting inbound marketing should track?

A: It’s no secret: marketers have struggled to measure the metrics that matter for a very long time. Fortunately, the internet and advancements in technology have made marketing far more measurable than ever before. Consequently, marketers have become much more accountable for the success they drive. If you are a marketer today, your business and career depend on you tracking the right metrics.

But here’s the problem: most marketers take a channel-centric approach to metrics (assessing email, social, or all channels combined) instead of a content-centric approach (what content topics attract and convert the most and best customers for your brand).

Let me explain.

What’s the difference between channel-centric and content-centric marketing metrics?

Modern marketers have realized that it’s not the channel that dictates the success of their marketing. Bad content promoted through your best performing channel will still perform poorly. In contrast, truly remarkable content creates buzz, engagement, education and sales regardless of the channel it’s promoted on.

If we’re being totally honest, for most marketers working on a channel-centric basis, most of their…