Check Out The Free Resource for Recruiting Top Talent

Check Out The Free Resource for Recruiting Top Talent

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The Free Resource for Recruiting Top Talent

Q: As a CEO at a startup, one of the biggest areas we’re struggling with is talent acquisition. How do you best recommend attracting the best employees and retaining them?

A: I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the way people shop and buy has changed. That’s why outbound marketing (think interruptive ads and billboards) and outbound sales (think cold calling and buying lists of contacts) are on the down, and inbound marketing is on the up.

Why? Outbound activities are no longer effective, and so they’ve been replaced by inbound marketing and inbound sales.

The reason why I bring this up is that as we’ve continued to develop the concept of inbound sales and marketing at HubSpot (where I work), we noticed something that we weren’t expecting. Not only has sales and marketing changed (and is still changing), but HR and recruitment are being disrupted, too. Outbound recruiting is becoming less effective (think job boards and cold calls from recruiters), and recruitment and HR teams are shifting to inbound recruiting to attract, engage and hire top talent.

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