What Are The Best Countries to Start a Business?

What Are The Best Countries to Start a Business?

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The Best Countries to Start a Business Are . . .

Opportunities exist everywhere — not just in your own home country or hometown. While much has been said about globalization and our increasingly connected world, if you’re starting a business, your first thought might not be to launch it in, say, Denmark.

But it turns out that Denmark is actually a very good idea: The World Bank Group has ranked that Scandinavian nation third in the world in terms of ease of doing business there. By comparison, the United States ranks eighth.

Depending on your target audience and its needs, plus taxation laws, the nature of the local workforce and other factors, doing business overseas just might offer advantages to you that exceed those of the country where you live right now.

Starting with a place you may be familiar with, here are some of the best countries to consider when starting a business:

The United States

What makes the United States a good country to start a business in? The workforce is diverse and…