Teaching and Learning About Martin Luther King Jr.

Teaching and Learning About Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an annual federal holiday since 1986, celebrates the national civil rights leader who was instrumental in challenging the racial caste system that delineated how millions of Americans lived their lives.

Teaching Tolerance’s “Dos and Don’ts of Celebrating MLK Day” (and “Going the Extra Mile for MLK Day”) remind us that although the holiday is just one day — and Black History Month is just one month — Dr. King’s message of equality and justice for all are best embedded in the curriculum all year round.

The New York Times reported on Dr. King’s campaign and on the civil rights movement in general, and continues to report on related issues of segregation and inequality today. Below, we offer articles from the Times archives that chronicle his life and work, as well as current articles and multimedia celebrating his legacy. And we suggest four teaching ideas for connecting his life and legacy with our world today.

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Selected Historical Times Resources

Historical Front Pages and Articles

“Martin Luther King Wins The Nobel Prize for Peace” Oct. 15, 1962

“200,000 March…