Reviewing the Stealth Cam G45NG Pro

Reviewing the Stealth Cam G45NG Pro

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I would venture to say that most bow hunters are in some way utilizing trail camera technology to monitor deer herds, specific bucks, and even property intruders. The trail camera market continues to explode with new advances and new companies, but here is a new 2016 camera from Stealth Cam. You may not know that Stealth Cam introduced their first trail camera to market back in 2000, and since then have continued to be industry leaders. In 2009 they introduced the first High Definition (HD) Video capable trail camera. Today, we are so used to HD, that we laugh at the idea of anything else! However, one of the biggest breakthroughs for this company was back in 2010 when they introduced their new camera technology called TRIAD. This technology allowed their camera to perform three functions: High Res Still image, Video, and Time lapse capability. The new (No Glo) Stealth Cam STC-G45NG pro for 2016 is built on the foundation of Stealth Cam’s success. It is smaller, lighter, and more capable than anything they have done before.


This is everything included with the camera. Camera, nylon strap, instructions, sticker, and accessory flyer.

The package comes with the camera, a nylon strap to mount it, the instruction manual, an optional accessory insert, and a stealth cam sticker. There is a small molded hole in the back of the camera that allows for a python cable lock.

The G45NG Pro is 10% smaller than the (non-pro) model and has a dull matte camo. The camera also sees upgrades to include a DVR new mode, the ability to adjust the picture range, and an optional security code. Also, the the G45NG (non-pro) uses 12 AA batteries and has a video viewing screen. The G45NG Pro takes 8 AA batteries and has NO video viewing screen built in.