Lessons From 6 Business Superstars

Lessons From 6 Business Superstars

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Lessons From 6 Business Superstars

Whether you’ve been in business weeks, years or decades, you’ve collected a number of lessons along the way. Some have been in the form of positive, enlightening moments, and others have knocked you for a loop. No matter whether you’re an entrepreneur working for yourself — or the head of a family business or a professional working for an established company — business offers you plenty of teachable moments, if you pay attention.

I’ve personally bought and sold more 250 businesses and served as CMO at a Fortune 100 company. Today, I have a podcast and am the chairman of the C-Suite Network. And all these stops along the way have taught me a few things. Here are my “top business lessons” I’ve collected from the people who have been there and done it all.

Barbara Corcoran: Learn to take a hit and get back up.

Most of you are familiar with Barbara Corcoran from the TV show Shark Tank, but one thing you might not know is that she described herself to me during our interview as “a below-average reader and an insecure student.” You wouldn’t think that about someone who built a real estate empire which she eventually sold for $66 million.

Corcoran tells…