How to Get Testimonials, Referrals and Reviews

How to Get Testimonials, Referrals and Reviews

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How to Get and Use Testimonials, Referrals and Reviews

The following excerpt is from Wendy Keller’s book Ultimate Guide to Platform Building. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

One of the most overlooked yet critically important benefits of building a rock-solid business that really serves its customers is that people like what you’re doing. Maybe some of them send you referrals or give you a testimonial. They might endorse something you’re doing or give feedback on new products or services you’re thinking of launching. Or, they might not.

If you’re doing a good job but aren’t getting the kind of support you need from your customers, there can only be one reason: You aren’t asking for it.

The beauty salon that doesn’t capture the name, email address, phone number, birthdate, wedding anniversary and children’s names and ages (and remembers to commemorate these dates) for every single client does itself no favors and will always be “accepting walk-ins.”

The business consultant who assures himself that someday some CEO will be golfing with another CEO and his name will maybe come up is likely to be taking…