Have You Mastered Any of These “Frugal Virtues”?

Have You Mastered Any of These “Frugal Virtues”?

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What does it mean to be truly frugal?

It’s more than just trying to save money. In many ways, being frugal is a lifestyle. It’s a virtuous one, too, if you can handle the commitment.

To embody a frugal attitude requires you to follow a philosophy based on simplicity, discipline, and an awareness of yourself and the world around you.

These are the Frugal Virtues. How many have you mastered?

1. Stifling Instant Gratification

You buy a $5.99 cappuccino because you feel like you need caffeine immediately. You buy a new car because it’s shiny and awesome and you just can’t wait to have it. You’re the first to get the next iPhone, and absolutely must see the next Star Wars sequel on the night it comes out. You’re not the type to wait for things. Unfortunately…