Don’t Forget These 5 Must Haves if You’re Packing Light

Don’t Forget These 5 Must Haves if You’re Packing Light

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Have you ever gone on a trip, and almost immediately regretted leaving behind that one item that would have made things easier? So have I, which is why I put together this list of the essential items to remember to pack, even when you don’t have much space. (See also: 15 Packing Secrets From a Professional Traveler)

1. Comfortable Footwear

Getting caught without the right shoes can really ruin a trip. This is not an excuse to bring every pair of shoes you own, but you do need a practical, comfortable pair of shoes that will work for a variety of situations.

Best option: A solid pair of sneakers that you can dress up or down. Of course, your fashion choices will depend on your style, but neutral colors tend to pair with a wider range of outfits, for both men and women. Try…