CIA ‘Black Sites’ Order, Is It A Real Plan Or Just Politics?

CIA ‘Black Sites’ Order, Is It A Real Plan Or Just Politics?

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An Afghan detainee is held at the Parwan detention facility near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan in 2011. A document circulating in Washington suggests the Trump administration might reactivate secret CIA “black sites” for terrorism detainees around the world.

Politics may be at play in the appearance of a draft presidential order that could revive the CIA’s “black site” prisons, one former CIA director says.

The appearance of the document, first reported by the New York Times, drew an immediate outcry from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, as well as CIA veterans.

The draft order calls for a review of the interrogation practices permitted under current U.S. law and whether the CIA should reopen its once-secret network of overseas prisons. But former CIA Director Michael Hayden says he thinks it is more about sending a message than laying serious plans.

“My instinct is this is a way of reflecting the tough language from the campaign, not a commitment to change anything,” Hayden told NPR. “I cannot imagine a CIA director saying, ‘It’s going to…