America’s Most Hated Companies

America’s Most Hated Companies

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When Time Warner Cable merged with Charter Communications earlier this year and the new public-facing operation rebranded, changing its name to Spectrum, it was likely for good reason. For many Americans, each name had come to be associated with poor customer service.

The long erosion of reputation has the power to destroy businesses. Today, in the internet age, news of a single scandal can spread quickly and seriously cripple a previously respected brand. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed a range of information, including customer survey results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, employee reviews on Glassdoor, as well as our own annual customer satisfaction survey. We identified 12 companies hated by customers, employees, and the general public.

A single bad experience can forever ruin a company’s image in the mind of a customer. While these are bound to happen at any organization, many of the companies on this list have developed a reputation for consistent poor performance. Most of the companies on this list score worse than the average in their industries in the ACSI. This fact is all the more serious given that many of these companies are in industries with generally poor reputations for customer service, including cable and internet service providers, airlines, and subscription television services.

In 24/7 Wall St.’s annual customer satisfaction survey, the majority of these companies had among the highest share of respondents reporting generally negative customer experiences. In the case of Comcast and Sprint, more than half of respondents had a negative customer experience, the only two existing brands out of the more than 100 we surveyed for which this was the case.

At several of the companies on this list, employee satisfaction is also extremely poor. 24/7 Wall St. spoke to Scott Dobroski, community expert at Glassdoor, a site that allows employees to rate their employment experience. Dobroski explained that it is not surprising to see unhappy employees and unsatisfied customers at the same businesses. “The risk when you have employees that are generally dissatisfied is that they are not willing to bring their best selves to work, to produce, to be engaged, and to fulfill responsibilities,” Dobroski said. “When employees are generally satisfied in their jobs — we…